Sapph Swimwear

Gorgeous Swimwear and Lingerie from the designer brand Sapph. Sizes up to E cup.


“Our bodies come in all shapes and sizes. We are all so different, all so unique. Sapph doesn’t care what body type box we tick. The only thing that matters is feeling beautiful inside and out, loving every curve, bump, imperfection and stamp of individuality, embracing our femininity and being proud of the reflection in the mirror.”

The stunning Paradiso Swimsuit by Sapph is super stylish and elegant. Looking fabulous at the beach in this bathing suit. The swimsuit is navy with gold-coloured details. The zipper in the middle is meant to be decoration and cannot be opened. The sides are braided with a wide ribbon, which emphasizes the waist. The cups are underwired ensuring great support and shape. The bandeau swimsuit can be worn strapless and has a silicone edge, so that it stays in place.

This stunning bikini from Sapph is a must have for your beach holiday. The navy-coloured bandeau top is special due to the nice fitting form and the golden-coloured details. The zipper in the middle is meant as decoration and cannot be opened. The bandeau has silicon lining inside, so that a good fitting is ensured. The cups are underwired offering great support and shape. The thin shoulder straps can also be removed. The closure is golden-coloured.

Shop online and get 15% off your first order. Just use FIRST15 in checkout 💙 Get this gorgeous swimsuit for just £72 with discount code! Or this bikini set for £62. Go now before they’ve all gone.


Should You Sleep With Your Bra On?


All of us ladies agree one of the best parts of the day is when we get home and take our bra off. But should we then sleep with a bra on before we go to sleep?

Some people say yes, it stops sagging and reduces stretch marks. Whereas others say no, it causes health risks and discomfort. Unfortunately there is no scientific evidence to these theories.

So really it comes down to personal preference. There is no evidence wearing a bra will cause breast cancer. There is a possibility if the bra is too tight or not fitting correctly it can cause discomfort which could lead to further health risks. So the main objective is to get fitted correctly and make sure your bra is fitting where it should be.

“80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size”

If you are sleeping in the wrong kind of bra, then you could really run into some serious problems. Professor Kefah Mokbel, lead breast surgeon at the London Breast Institute, says, “Wearing a constrictive bra to sleep affects the physiology of the breast. It can impair the blood flow and lymphatic drainage, which, at worst, can lead to chronic inflammation, oedema (fluid retention) and discomfort.” If you find marks on your body from your bra strap or the side panel of your bra, then you might be wearing a bra that is too tight and constrictive for you.

Ladies with a larger cup size are more likely to feel the need to wear a bra at night, as they find it more comfortable and secure and the bra is then supporting the breasts. If this is the case, it is better to wear a bra without underwire, you want a bra that is lightweight and no wire so it won’t be digging into you as you sleep.

Read our Bra Fitting Service Page online and check whether you are wearing the correctly fitted bra.

Don’t just take our word for it, here is just some of the feedback from our satisfied customers

“Browns offer a fantastic bra fitting service and the designs are to die for. I love this shop!”

“The first time ever I have been fitted for a bra successfully! I will be back here for all my undies in future. Staff all very professional and friendly”

“We both feel liberated, staff were very pleasant and helpful. Will visit again for some more gorgeous underwear”

Book a fitting with the Browns Lingerie experts, who will ensure you are fitted correctly and offer you help into choosing the correct style and shape to suit you.

Browns Lingerie, 35 Francis Street, Stoneygate, Leics. Telephone: 0116 2707188

As it’s Global Handwashing Day

As it’s Global Handwashing Day we are saying Handwash those bras as well!

Bras with underwires and lace are delicate. So they should be washed with care!
All you need to do is fill up the bathroom sink, add some cool water and gentle soap mixture, give it a move around, soak for 5-10 minutes, rinse & then hang to dry. Not as hard as it seems!


Are You Wearing The Correct Bra Size?


Are you wearing the correct bra size?

When was the last time you were fitted properly for a bra? If the answer is more than 12 months ago you need a fitting!

We at Browns Lingerie are proud to say that everyday we change ladies lives when we correctly fit them for a bra. Our team are fully trained in fitting and will assess your size correctly.

Here are a few main reasons you need to check your bra size –

  • Does your bra band ride up in the back? If it does, you need a smaller size band (that’s the number in a bra size e.g 30, 32, 34. The letter represents the cup size). The band must sit firm and level to fully support you, and should not be riding up the back.
  • Do your breasts spill over the top of your cups? This means your cup size is too small. The cup is squashing you into the bra and is forcing the breast tissue out, some call it the 4 boob look! Going up a cup size will solve this problem.
  • Does your bra cup stand away from your breasts? Then your cup is too large, you are not filling the cup so by wearing a smaller cup size will stop any gaping.
  • Do your bra straps dig into your shoulders? Your band is too loose. The main support of the bra should come from the back band, not the straps. So by wearing a tighter band will stop it riding up the back and have less strain on the shoulders. Also some bras have particularly long straps so this may force you to wear them higher up – a simple solution is to get those straps altered so you have less strain on your shoulders.
  • Are your breasts uneven? Everyone has one cup larger than the other, the trick is to always fit to the larger cup. If there is a large difference you can add padding to the smaller cup making the breasts even.

Email us at if you have any questions

There are a few main bras we can say offer the perfect fit for everyday wear and offer great support

IMG_9954Our three top fitting bras are (from left to right) 1. Empreinte Melody in Caramel 2. Fantasie Elodie in Cappuccino 3. Fantasie Belle in Bamboo

1. Empreinte Melody in Caramel £76.50  Buy Empreinte Melody in Caramel Here

A luxurious underwired seamfree bra, offering the best support and comfort thanks to the delicate Chantilly lace, finished with satin trims. This bra is available in sizes 30-42 C-G Cup. This bra is also available in stunning fashion colours!

2. Fantasie Elodie in Cappuccino £41   Buy Fantasie Elodie Here

A best seller from Fantasie, the perfect everyday bra. Offering great support with the side support panel and forward projection. The wide wire adds extra comfort and the all over embroidery creates a luxurious look. Ranging from sizes 30-42 D-J Cup & also in gorgeous fashion colours as well as everyday nude black & white.


3. Fantasie Belle in Bamboo £38   Buy Fantasie Belle Here

The Belle is an all time favourite. The fit of this bra is true to size and gives the best support and shape. It comes in two shapes a full cup or the balcony 3 quarter (there will be a future blog on bra shapes) The delicate lace overlay makes this a lovely elegant lingerie set. It comes in 3 everyday colours, bamboo, nude and black. Sizing from 30-42 B-JJ Cup.

I hope this has helped you, any queries please get in contact with the experts at Browns & we will give you the help you need 🙂


Hot Pink For Your September Getaway

Add a little colour to your holiday wardrobe with our favourite pink toned swimwear and beachwear!

Whether you want to be wearing a hot pink swimsuit, or a lighter shade bikini, here are our top picks to help you brighten up your holiday wardrobe

This stunning swimsuit is by the Spanish Designer Swimwear brand Roidal.  Roidal are known for producing original designs and patterns, they range from classic simple prints to unique exotic prints, like the image above. This swimsuit is perfect for the holiday cruise, with Swarovski crystal embellishment at the center front and a moulded cup with underwire. The perfect fitting swimsuit, and even better the bag to match completes your look!

(Roidal Marga Swimsuit £159, Roidal Giada Bag £65)

This is a gorgeous two-tone pink piece from the Australian brand Seafolly, this brand is known world-wide with celebrities such as Gigi Hadid storming the press in the beautiful swimwear. This is a bandeau swimsuit with a detachable strap, these styles work great for a smaller bust, the sweetheart shape enhances the bust area by not flattening you straight across and the twist at the front adds dimension.

(Seafolly Miami Swimsuit £87)

This is another Seafolly swimsuit, with a more exotic floral print. By wearing the perfect print instantly flattens the body shape. This style is great, the ruffled body flattens your figure and enables you to either wear the swimsuit lower down the leg to cover you or you can simple ruffle to swimsuit up to create a tankini look. The moulded cups offer you great support & the straps can be worn as a normal bra strap or a cross over back.

(Seafolly Kabuki Bloom Swimsuit £92)

The stunning Carnival Cusco bikini by Aguaclara, a perfect mix of pinks with shades of green sequin embellishment. If you don’t feel amazing along the beach in this then you must be daft! This bikini is stunning, perfect for a pear shape enhancing the hips with the tie side bottom.

(Aguaclara Carnival Cusco Bikini £155)

The perfect holiday cover up, whether you want to wear along the beach, by the poolside or even to wear in the evening. The stunning silk chiffon pieces by Lindsey Brown Luxe Resortwear are the answer. The subtle shade of pink with the bronze and gold beads create a gorgeous piece, decorated along the neckline with light floaty sleeves.

(Lindsey Brown Luxe Resortwear Rumba Kaftan £205)

This is a piece for the hot pink lovers! Again from the Lindsey Brown Luxe Resortwear collection this silk piece has the wow factor. Flattering for both a petite and fuller figure, the kaftan loosely flows over the body. The deep v neck is great for smaller and fuller busts decorated with stunning gold beading. This is a knee-length style so if you want to feel more covered this is the one for you.

(Lindsey Browns Luxe Resortwear Miami Kaftan £175)

Wants something easy to slip on? Cheaper price point? Loose fitting? Then the Freya Gigi dress will be perfect. The dress has a drawstring side so if you prefer to have the dress a little shorter you can, or if you want a longer maxi style you can alter the drawstring. Perfect for an evening look as well as a day beach dress very versatile!

(Freya Gigi Dress £47)

Feel gorgeous and wow in pink on your holiday break, with these lovely styles from Browns Lingerie


6 Ways To Wear A Sarong

A sarong is one of the most useful beach essentials to have. They add color and sophistication to your beach wardrobe. There are many ways to wear and tie a sarong. No other item of clothing allows you to wear it in as many ways as a sarong does. You can transform from day to evening, beach to restaurant.

Sarongs come in different sizes, the larger are the better as these let you style them in a lot more ways and can be worn as a halter dress or longer maxi style.

Here are a few ways you can wear your luxurious sarong

  1. The sarong has been tied around the top of the bust with each end, to cover the front of the body and be worn as a strapless style dress
  2. This sarong has been folded in half to create a shorter look, and tied around the waist, which creates a flattering look
  3. The sarong has been tied at each end around the neck, coming from the back and under the armpits, this is a stunning look as it creates a floaty dress at the back
  1. The sarong has been tied at each end and across the front of the body, it has been taken on top of the shoulder to create a one arm styled dress
  2. This style is great if you prefer to have more coverage, it has been tied at each end and coming from the back placed around the neck, this sarong is a larger size so it covers the whole body
  3. Perfect for a maxi style skirt, if you prefer a longer length skirt this is the best for you, tied around the waist and to the ankle for a sophisticated look

This is a longer length sarong by the designer brand Roidal, so it can cover shorter and longer lengths. This is the best sarong to buy if you want to be versatile with your styling.

The sarong is for sale in store at a price of £125, it is 100% silk and a stunning piece

Thanks and enjoy your sarong styling!

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