6 Ways To Wear A Sarong

A sarong is one of the most useful beach essentials to have. They add color and sophistication to your beach wardrobe. There are many ways to wear and tie a sarong. No other item of clothing allows you to wear it in as many ways as a sarong does. You can transform from day to evening, beach to restaurant.

Sarongs come in different sizes, the larger are the better as these let you style them in a lot more ways and can be worn as a halter dress or longer maxi style.

Here are a few ways you can wear your luxurious sarong

  1. The sarong has been tied around the top of the bust with each end, to cover the front of the body and be worn as a strapless style dress
  2. This sarong has been folded in half to create a shorter look, and tied around the waist, which creates a flattering look
  3. The sarong has been tied at each end around the neck, coming from the back and under the armpits, this is a stunning look as it creates a floaty dress at the back
  1. The sarong has been tied at each end and across the front of the body, it has been taken on top of the shoulder to create a one arm styled dress
  2. This style is great if you prefer to have more coverage, it has been tied at each end and coming from the back placed around the neck, this sarong is a larger size so it covers the whole body
  3. Perfect for a maxi style skirt, if you prefer a longer length skirt this is the best for you, tied around the waist and to the ankle for a sophisticated look

This is a longer length sarong by the designer brand Roidal, so it can cover shorter and longer lengths. This is the best sarong to buy if you want to be versatile with your styling.

The sarong is for sale in store at a price of £125, it is 100% silk and a stunning piece

Thanks and enjoy your sarong styling!


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