Are You Wearing The Correct Bra Size?


Are you wearing the correct bra size?

When was the last time you were fitted properly for a bra? If the answer is more than 12 months ago you need a fitting!

We at Browns Lingerie are proud to say that everyday we change ladies lives when we correctly fit them for a bra. Our team are fully trained in fitting and will assess your size correctly.

Here are a few main reasons you need to check your bra size –

  • Does your bra band ride up in the back? If it does, you need a smaller size band (that’s the number in a bra size e.g 30, 32, 34. The letter represents the cup size). The band must sit firm and level to fully support you, and should not be riding up the back.
  • Do your breasts spill over the top of your cups? This means your cup size is too small. The cup is squashing you into the bra and is forcing the breast tissue out, some call it the 4 boob look! Going up a cup size will solve this problem.
  • Does your bra cup stand away from your breasts? Then your cup is too large, you are not filling the cup so by wearing a smaller cup size will stop any gaping.
  • Do your bra straps dig into your shoulders? Your band is too loose. The main support of the bra should come from the back band, not the straps. So by wearing a tighter band will stop it riding up the back and have less strain on the shoulders. Also some bras have particularly long straps so this may force you to wear them higher up – a simple solution is to get those straps altered so you have less strain on your shoulders.
  • Are your breasts uneven? Everyone has one cup larger than the other, the trick is to always fit to the larger cup. If there is a large difference you can add padding to the smaller cup making the breasts even.

Email us at if you have any questions

There are a few main bras we can say offer the perfect fit for everyday wear and offer great support

IMG_9954Our three top fitting bras are (from left to right) 1. Empreinte Melody in Caramel 2. Fantasie Elodie in Cappuccino 3. Fantasie Belle in Bamboo

1. Empreinte Melody in Caramel £76.50  Buy Empreinte Melody in Caramel Here

A luxurious underwired seamfree bra, offering the best support and comfort thanks to the delicate Chantilly lace, finished with satin trims. This bra is available in sizes 30-42 C-G Cup. This bra is also available in stunning fashion colours!

2. Fantasie Elodie in Cappuccino £41   Buy Fantasie Elodie Here

A best seller from Fantasie, the perfect everyday bra. Offering great support with the side support panel and forward projection. The wide wire adds extra comfort and the all over embroidery creates a luxurious look. Ranging from sizes 30-42 D-J Cup & also in gorgeous fashion colours as well as everyday nude black & white.


3. Fantasie Belle in Bamboo £38   Buy Fantasie Belle Here

The Belle is an all time favourite. The fit of this bra is true to size and gives the best support and shape. It comes in two shapes a full cup or the balcony 3 quarter (there will be a future blog on bra shapes) The delicate lace overlay makes this a lovely elegant lingerie set. It comes in 3 everyday colours, bamboo, nude and black. Sizing from 30-42 B-JJ Cup.

I hope this has helped you, any queries please get in contact with the experts at Browns & we will give you the help you need 🙂



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